Can Music Better Your Health?

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Can Music Better Your Health?

A lot of people listen to music for fun and enjoyment but studies show that listening to music is also good for the health. We all know how music easily affects are mood and emotions and listening to calming sounds can make a person relax and relieve stress. It also reduces feelings of depression and anxiety and alleviates symptoms in certain diseases like heart problems.


A person who is stressed is prone to increased blood pressure and heart rate. In order to relax the mind and body, some people choose to listen to soothing music in order to aide them in their relaxation. Music serves as a distraction to stressful thoughts thus decreasing blood pressure and release stress. People vary from their choice of music but whatever it is, choose something that you really like and entertain you the most.


Music helps in taking the mind off stressful thoughts which are usually work or family related. Some people also get stressed out because of a certain disease they are experiencing. When this happens, listening to music will help them think of other things, like distracting them from depressing thoughts. The lyrics of the song also allow a person to ponder on it and be inspired depending on the theme of the song. Pregnant woman also benefit from listening to music. Pregnancy related stress can be reduced when a pregnant woman chooses a song that she enjoys. Studies show that listening to music with the same beat as the heart does, which is 60-80 per minute, allows proper body rhythm and composure.

The genre of the music you choose does not really matter. The important thing is you love what you are listening too and it keeps you entertain for the time being.


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