What Foods Help Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing?

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What Foods Help Keep Skin Healthy and Glowing?

Our skin is a very important and largest part of our body. A healthy skin will make a person feel good about himself and will also protect the body from intruding bacteria. The skin acts as the first line of defense against diseases so it is important to take care of it properly, especially on seasonal changes. If you think that taking care of the skin is an activity done only by women, you are completely mistaken. Every one of us must make an effort in order to achieve a healthy and flowing skin.

  • Fruits

There are a lot of fruits that will help aid in moisturizing the skin but mangoes, strawberries and blueberries are the ones with the highest content of antioxidants and vitamin A and C that help the skin from flaking. Antioxidants also prevent skin damage and protect the skin against skin cancer.

  • Fish

Salmon and tuna are examples of fish with high amount of Omega 3 which is responsible for making the skin healthy and shiny. These fish can be made into many delicious meals so eating it is a pure joy. As an added benefit, Omega 3 is also good for the heart so eating fish will only bring you healthy benefits.

  • Green Tea

A regular green tea habit will improve early signs of ageing and treat common skin problems. It also acts as anti inflammatory so it can cure swelling and irritation. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which aids in the elasticity of the skin and make it look firm and supple.

All of us must learn to take care of our skin, not just to look and feel good, but also to prevent the onset of certain diseases.


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